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Made with Proprietary Blends of Essential Oils

Do you prefer to try natural approaches to common ailments? Are you looking for something simple that works quickly and has no known side effects? Then try AROMAID®.

AROMAID® – The Solution is Right Under Your Nose

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May help with Nausea
May help with CONGESTION
May help with INSOMNIA
May help with Headaches
May help with Immune Support
May help with Relaxation

Essential Oils From Around The Globe

What is the AROMAID® clip? 

  • AROMAID® is a simple, natural solution to common ailments. It fits comfortably in your nose and works quickly to support and restore your body’s health and wellness.
  • Created and developed by doctors, nurses and aromatherapists.
  • Scientifically tested in hospitals.

Helpful Clip Tips:

  • Clips can be adjusted to fit any nose! Stretch or push the arm of the clip to fit your nose comfortably.
  • Individual sense of smell varies! If your clip seems too strong, simply let it “air out” before wearing it in your nose, or clip it to your shirt for a lesser aroma.
  • One single clip can be reused multiple times! Store it sealed in the packet in which it came & reuse until you no longer smell the aroma.

How Does AROMAID® work?

  1. Open the individual packet
  2. Insert into either nostril
  3. Breathe normally

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